Saturday, February 24, 2007

Providence Pleasures

Back from Providence: Joel, Sarah, Al Forno, Modern Diner (again). Kiowa baby carriers. We went to the Haffenreffer Museum– Brown’s anthropology museum out in Bristo,l Rhode Island. I was very moved and touched by the Kiowa-Comanche beaded-boarded baby carriers. The Kiowas are also the ones who did the art work in the Ledgers when they were in captivity, beautifully colored line drawings in old ledger books, usually figures and horses, maybe some hills and tipis. I'm pleased that the baby carriers are by the same people who did the ledger books (I saw an exhibit in Cooperstown, I believe, five or six years ago: same time maybe I saw the Gee's Creek quilts? Odd how those colorful objects come back again).

Friday night, after our grilled pizza and other deliciousness, we went back to Joel’s apartment where the Friday night potluck was in process– a few dozen of Joel, Seb, and Melany’s closest friends all bring food, mostly beer and brownies, as far as I can tell, so they end up sending out for pizza. Something touching about their home made parties, too, although the detritus seems to last for days afterward and Joel, who loves it, says the clean up really sucks.

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