Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day after Election, Before trip to Kentucky

This is a Big Push day, for me. I have my Prose Narrative class in a couple of hours, then Advanced Novel. I don't like to do two classes in a day, especially out in New Jersey and in New York, but I've got to head to West Virginia tomorrow and then Kentucky for the reading at Berea. I’m partly packed, but not finished.

Stayed up late watching election returns. And the Democrats have taken the House of Representatives! Wow! And the Senate race isn’t over yet, but even if the Dems don't prevail there, it was a big big change. I tried not to get my hopes up– one wants a victory so much for something other than sleazy right wing shennanigans– and it seemed so impossible. Well, this is a change. Now we can snarl at the wishy washy Democrats for a while. Sad for an anti-war Republican like Chafee in Rhode Island, but the good Republicans got sand bagged by the right wing just like the rest of us.

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