Saturday, October 28, 2006

Keeping the plane in the air

It’s Saturday night, not a day I expected much of in a way, knowing Joel would be flying, and he’s on the final leg of the journey, having made it from SF to Philly and now en route to Providence where Victoria will pick him up at the airport. We went up Rt. 17 to CampMor where we got the Nordic Walking Sticks for me, Lekis, and I tried them out, and they work just like cross country ski poles, but I didn’t really do much cardio-vascularly, I don’t think. I have to work on that. Also, it hurt my right bicep, oddly. But I was swinging along there in the yellow trees and wind with my chin up. Very nice. We shopped quite a while longer– Andy can shop forever– long and interesting conversations with an entertaining senior salesperson there who does nordic walking AND skate-skiing and helped Andy try on nordic ski boots, and then another sales person came over to hear what the first was saying, and the second guy was into Telemark skiing (that’s the back country skiing with the funny kneeling turns). Meanwhile, I bought some gloves for biking and a pale blue windbreaker (one of the neat-o ones with a hidden hood that packs in its own pocket) plus a really cheap winter head band. Then we went to the Kmart up there where I found some cheap ankle weights, so I’m all ready to roll with exercising the Knee and my cross-training, as in biking nordic walking maybe eventually running again.
So I suppose it would be a nice day, with time at home to draft a recommendation for a former student and to bake a beautiful little blue hubbard (only 5 pounds instead of 15) from the store– sadly I can’t grow winter squash anymore. I just don’t seem to have the sun. So I pureed that with a spot of margarine, fried some pork chops, zapped broccoli, and already had some home made applesauce in the refrigerator.
But I’m busy trying to keep Joel’s plane in the sky with my powerful brain.

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