Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Photos from the Appalachian Festival


Phyllis Moore took the photos below. She had some trouble with the camera, but you can still see everyone's having a great time!

West Virginia friends at the festival singing West Virginia Hills:
Maggie Anderson, MSW, Phyllis Moore, Cheryl Denise, and Sandy Vrana.

Sixteen of the seventeen writers at the 25th Emory & Henry Literary
Festival (Lee Smith had to go to her high school reunion in Grundy!)
Front row, left to right: Sharyn McCrumb, Lisa Alther, Gurney Norman,
Denise Giardina, Fred Chappelle; Middle row, left to right: Jeff Daniel Marion,
Jo Carson, George Ella Lyon, Kay Byer, MSW; Top row, left to right: Ron Rash,
John Ehle, Robert Morgan, Maggie Anderson, Michael McPhee, and David Huddle.

Banquet table at Emory & Henry: front row, Maggie Anderson,
Denise Giardina, George Ella Lyon, backrow, MSW, Ann
Olsen, Anna, Phyllis


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