Sunday, August 20, 2006

Admiration for Weeds

August 20, 2006

Admiration for Weeds
The deep garden calm:
I squat in red overalls
And mosquito net shirt
Too low to be seen
Soaking up rank rich odor
Wet dirt dying foliage
Assault by sage and lemon balm
Mint tomato leaves cilantro--
Turn slowly to face the enemy
Gather up in both hands
Expansive, earth clinging
Crab grass. I tug
Till I hear the clench and release
Of roots choosing
Wholeness over soil.
Sweat drips on salt hay.
Mild vegetative elation–
I’ve won this one–
Though the plant I pulled
Squats fully alive
On top of the weed heap
Ready to fall
Surreptitiously back
Into the garden or
Suck nurturance
from the compost heap.

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